Congratulations to the Class of 1964 for breaking the record for the highest number of alumni returning for a 50th Reunion!

Check out photos of the Class of 1964 taken by Reunion Student Ambassadors here

1964 Class Photo from Reunion Weekend 2014 – click on the photo to enlarge or save for your personal use. We will be sending each classmate a copy in July.



Reflections on Our 50th Reunion

Out on the Mira on warm afternoons

Old men go fishing with black line and spoons

And if they catch nothing they’ll never complain

I wish I was with them again.

When I reflect upon our extraordinary 50th Reunion, I think first of those haunting opening lines from “Song for the Mira,” which our ad hoc class choir sang at the Memorial Service in the Chapel. Thanks to Art Ostrander for his masterful leadership and to Rob Jarratt for his beautiful solo rendition. (And a personal thanks to Christos Gianopoulos whose strong confident voice kept the baritone section on track…mostly.)

We each have our own weekend “highlight,” but for me it was the Memorial Service. I was especially touched when Kevin Hancock, David’s son, said to me later, “I was really moved by the service, and it was great to see my Dad’s classmates.”

So many other highlights: the opening dinner at the Maine Maritime Museum where we began the reconnecting process; the trip to Cliff Island during which we witnessed firsthand the source of Roger Berle’s boundless enthusiasm for all things Cliff Island; the lobster bake, which featured Fred Stoddard’s recounting of the Reverend Martin Luther King’s visit to Bowdoin and follow-up commentaries and stories by our classmates; the Saturday morning march to the Watson Arena, especially when we paraded in 100 classmates strong to a loud ovation; the Common Good Awards to Dick Bail and Mike Poor, each so richly deserved; the Saturday night dinner topped off by an encore rendition of “Song for the Mira” by the “choir” and several rousing Bowdoin songs by everyone; the brunch at the picturesque Mere Point home of Rick and Chris Ganong (Roger Tuveson’s daughter). Thanks to Bruce Lutsk and Roger Tuveson for planning a fine schedule of events.

After the Reunion, I re-read the entire Reunion Yearbook and reflected upon the conversations I had with so many terrific classmates and the experiences we shared at Bowdoin and now. The takeaways for me:

What an extraordinary class! So many accomplished people have carved out successful careers in so many different fields. By the way, some of the most successful people didn’t exactly shine in the classroom at Bowdoin.

What a willingness to be open both in the Yearbook and during conversations over the weekend! We have shared our life’s struggles (alcoholism, the death of a child, divorce, career setbacks and so on) as well as triumphs.

I’m proud of the records we have set as a Class – biggest Reunion gift ever, thanks to the leadership of Pete Small, Al Ryan and others. Record attendance (99 classmates, Carol Hancock and Connie Drigotis, plus spouses and guests returned to campus). Record number of classmates to have served on the Bowdoin Board of Trustees. First class to have a widow on the Reunion Committee. (Thanks, Carol Hancock!) And on and on.

But I’m most pleased that the vast majority of our classmates have “lost themselves in generous enthusiasms” in “pursuit of the Common Good.” Put simply, we’ve been true to the Offer of the College, but we’ve also had some fun along the way – with each other, with life.

The Chorus of “Song for the Mira” begins with the words…

Can you imagine a piece of the universe
More fit for princes and kings?
I’ll trade you ten of your cities
For Marion Bridge and the pleasure it brings.

I can’t imagine my life without the “piece of the universe” that is Bowdoin College. And I can’t imagine a more impressive collection of guys than the members of the Bowdoin College Class of 1964.


David Treadwell

Look Who Came to the Class of 1964 Reunion!
Dick Bail ’64
Bill Bates ’64
Steve Beale ’64
Alan Bennett ’64
Roger Berle ’64
Rick Black ’64
Geoff Chapman ’64
Walt Christie ’64
Dave Cohen ’64
Bill Conklin ’64
Rick Copeland ’64
Connie Drigotas W’64
Jon Dunn ’64
Bill Edwards ’64
George Eliades ’64
Bill Farley ’64
Pete Fenton ’64
Fred Filoon ’64
Dave Fitts ’64
Bob Frank ’64
Richard Gee ’64
Christos Gianopoulos ’64
John Gibbons ’64
Jim Haddock ’64
Dev Hamlen ’64
Carol Hancock W’64
Don Handal ’64
Phil Hansen ’64
Fred Harlow ’64
Steve Haskell ’64
Hap Hennigar ’64
John Hill ’64
Maynard Hincks ’64
Dave Hirth ’64
Spencer Hodges ’64
Bob Hooke ’64
Bill Horton ’64
Jeffrey Huntsman ’64
Mike Ince ’64
Rick Jackson ’64
Rob Jarratt ’64
Phil Jones ’64
Bill Kaschub ’64
Gene Keller ’64
Dave Kilgour ’64
Jeff Lang ’64
Hank Lawrie ’64
Rick Leadbeater ’64
Steve London ’64
Eric Loth ’64
John Lovetere ’64
Bruce Lutsk ’64
Dick Mack ’64
Craig Magher ’64
Sandy Markey ’64
Ron Mazer ’64
Dave McDowell ’64
Dave Mechem ’64
Glen Morie ’64
Mike Napolitano ’64
Dave Nelson ’64
Bruce Nilsson ’64
Peter Odell ’64
Tom Oliver ’64
Fred Orkin ’64
Rob Osterhout ’64
John Osterweis ’64
Art Ostrander ’64
Vic Papacosma ’64
Mike Poor ’64
John Pope ’64
Rod Porter ’64
Jack Reed ’64
Jim Reis ’64
Shep Remis ’64
Skip Robinson ’64
Ned Robinson ’64
Bill Rounds ’64
Sherm Rounsville ’64
Al Ryan ’64
Pete Seaver ’64
Peter Seery ’64
Larry Segal ’64
Mike Sherman ’64
Harry Silverman ’64
Peter Small ’64
Dick Smith ’64
Fred Stoddard ’64
Tony Tarbell ’64
Joe Tarbell ’64
Bob Taylor ’64
Bill Thwing ’64
Dave Treadwell ’64
Roger Tuveson ’64
Tom Varnum ’64
Tom Weck ’64
Doug Weinik ’64
Steve Weiss ’64
Fred Yanni ’64
Joe Zilinsky ’64