You don’t have to wait until May to get involved – start now by volunteering with other members of your class to help make Reunion Weekend 2014 a truly memorable event.  Contact Sarah Cameron ’05 at to find out about volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and schedule.

Download the Reunion registration letter that was sent to Class of 1979.

As of 4/23/2014, the following people have registered for the Class of 1979 Reunion.
Harry Anastopoulos ’79
Bill Berk ’79
Peter Bernard ’79
Allison Conway Carey ’79
Kim Ohnemus Dennis ’79
Randy Dick ’79
Vlad Drozdoff ’79
Bernie Fortier ’79
Mike Haylon ’79
Dan Lannon ’79
Mark Marr ’79
Kim Lusnia McCabe ’79
Mary Moseley ’79
Fran Jones Philip ’79
Charlie Randall ’79
Chris Rose ’79
Steve Rose ’79
Andy Selinger ’79
Doug Stenberg ’79
Michael Tardiff ’79
Elise Walton ’79
Jeff Wickham ’79